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Final Expense Planning

Final expense or burial life insurance plans are purchased by many people even those with traditional and group life insurance. These plans are normally under $25,000 and offer the perfect solution to pay for your burial or cremation as well as other final needs expenses that are often over looked until the actual event takes place. Many people want to take the financial burden off their loved ones during a stressful time. Costs for a funeral can be surprisingly high as reported by the National Funeral Directors Associations average funeral costs in 2001 included the following:

Transportation of the body $250       
Professional Services $1,817
Embalming $628
Casket & Vault $3,490
Memorial Service $125
Hearse $275
Facilities Charge $845
Graveside Services $325
Total Average Funeral Expenses $7,755
Other costs can include: 

cemetery plot, gravesite opening/closing, flowers, obituary,headstone, musician, etc.


Final Expense / Burial Insurance offers a simple and affordable solution – here’s why:

  • No medical exam required!
  • Level death benefit that will never decrease!
  • Simple application process!
  • Premiums cannot ever increase!
  • Policy cannot be canceled for any reason as long as you pay your premiums!
  • Death benefit is paid to your beneficiary income tax free!
  • Outside debts cannot be attached to the benefits which can go directly to your beneficiary!
  • You decide how your final wishes are to be carried out by pre-planning and pre-paying!

Provide your loved ones with peace of mind, knowing that your final expenses will not add a financial burden during their time of sorrow.


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